*unless otherwise noted, all information is sources from the book ‘Of Wolves and Men’ by Barry Lopez


Conversations begin on how to stop wolves from preying on swine, cattle and horses, livestock that first came to Jamestown, Virginia in 1609


First wolf bounty law in America passed in Massachusetts on November 9. “Payments were made in cash, tobacco, wine, corn and, for Indians, blankets and trinkets.


Traps designed by Sewell Newhouse and manufactured by the Oneida Community in New York used to kill wolves.


Trappers, who had trapped out beavers begin killing wolves specifically for their pelt. In 1850, the American Fur Trading Company shipped 20 wolf pelts downriver. 1853 they shipped 3,000. Between 1850 and 1880 over 75 million buffalo were killed for hides. Wolves began following buffalo hunters to scavenge on carcasses.


Most wolves killed between Texas and the Dakotas, Missouri to Colorado. Wolf pelts brought trappers $1.25 each, coyotes $.75 and foxes $.25. Using poison to trap also killed pony, antelope, buffalo, dogs and even children. Between 1875-1895 slaughter of wolves on the plains reaches its peak.


wolves begin preying on domestic stock due to expansion west of cattlemen combined with lack of buffalo to prey on. .Commercial wolfers begin working for cattlemen.


Montana passes first wolf bounty law. $1 per dead wolf. That year 5,450 wolves turned in.


Routt County, CO passes $5 per scalp bounty on wolf pups under 6 months and $15 per scalp on wolves over 6 months old. –Routt County Sentinel Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.


Walden, Jackson County passes $20 bounty on wolf cubs and $50 bounty on full grown wolves killed within Jackson County. –The New Era Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.


Federal government passes law providing for extermination of wolves on federal lands. July 1, 1915 government hires first government hunters. Between 1915 and June 30, 1942 government hunters kill 24,132 wolves mostly in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Dakotas. Program included killing wolves in national parks.


Ross Island Meat Packing Company of North Dakota pays $8 per German shepherd destroyed. German shepherds often killed cattle.


United States Biological Survey estimates only 500 wolves left in US. – Carbonate Chronicle, Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.


Less than a half dozen lobo wolves reported left in Colorado. –Estes Park Trails, Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.


Bounty law in Montana was repealed. Between 1883 – 1918, 80,730 wolves were bountied for $342,764.


Do we still have wolves? Naturalist from Rocky Mountain National Park refutes sightings of wolves in the area claiming last wolves seen in 1868. –Estes Park Trail – Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection


Last Wyoming Wolf dies from poisoned bait. Old Custer had a bounty of $500 on his head. –Craig Empire Courier – Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection


Government program to exterminate wolves terminated.


Aerial hunting for wolves outlawed in Alaska.


Law was passed classifying the Eastern timber wolf as an endangered species.


Colorado Division of Wildlife begins to research areas for wolf reintroduction


Wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone


Colorado becomes the first state to make wolf reintroduction a ballot initiative. The initiative passes by .5% of a vote. Colorado Division of Wildlife is tasked with reintroducing wolves by December 2023


In three days 218 wolves, or 1/3 of Wisconsin’s wolf population killed in hunt after wolves lose endangered species designation. Another 100 may have been killed by poachers

Montana allows for baiting, night hunting on private land with use of artificial life, night vision scope and infrared and thermal imaging, snares, trapping, electronic calls, chasing by snowmobile. Cost for instate license $21